Street Friends Competency

Competency policy

General Policy:

Street Friends is dedicated to ensuring our courses, subject knowledge, references and all relevant documentation is as current and accurate as possible.

As a general guide we current offer growing competency and training as people progress through the following levels.

  1. Buddy up induction volunteering session with one of our experienced volunteers, assessed by our team leaders

  2. Volunteer status depending on being approved following the initial induction via volunteers pathway.

We then have a 'tiered Volunteeer' system in place

  1. Bronze Tier - reliable, trustworthy, can follow instructions, use own initiative and follows all of our handbook guidelines.  Up to 3 months, depending on attendance and reports from team leaders.

  2. Silver Tier - All of above, except they can also train and lead volunteers in absence of team leaders, working up to team leader status, decided at monthly committee meetings. (around 6 months).

  3. Gold Tier - All basic training will be completed in Naloxone, Emergency First Aid, Drug and alcohol awareness, and other initial training sessions).  Experience in all areas of our volunteering, so able to undertake any of our volunteer roles. volunteers committee role accepted suitable for you or a role available. Full First Aid training essential and PVG registered  (around 1 year)

  4. Platinum Tier - All training completed, Successful regular volunteers committee in an available role or a role you feel suited to, agreed by management committee. (around 2 years)

It is vital all trainers  (to include all subcontract or consortium instructors) maintain their own relevant qualifications and competences.

All Trainers:

  • All trainers must comply with the consortium or sub-contract terms of contract at all times, this is to include teaching only agreed course content and syllabus.

  • If a trainer identifies course material that has been superseded and not acknowledged yet by Street Friends, they are to inform these findings as soon as possible.

  • Every effort should be made to maintain an instructor’s competences and continual learning.


  • Street Friends will be responsible to maintain and ensure all updates to guidelines, statements, policy’s and regulations are at the correct level, maintaining competency of course content.

  • When changes have been identified, those changes will be implemented as soon as is practically possible, including sending amendment documentation to awarding bodies.

  • Any updates through amendments are to be assimilated to all trainers involved with that content delivery.

Assessment and research:

It is Street Friends Policy to commence subject knowledge, references, guidelines and legislation checks every three months for each core subject and course of training.

Induction Details

Bronze details

silver details

Gold details

Platinum details

Training Opportunities Street Friends

Street Friends website members free via volunteers pathway, website non volunteer members a small charge to boost funds.

We are looking to enable our volunteers, and supporters the opportunity for training. 

Discussions of when will be made on the website forum so everyone can add ideas and comments.  Initial basic list is as follows.


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