Incidents, Emergencies, Disciplinary

We take every emergency, Incident or disciplinary seriously, but in the hope of being able to remedy the situation and amicably resolve it.

If it is a medical issue utilise your team leaders, 111, 999 or both as deemed appropriate.

If relevant advice/re-training may be required, prior to re-joining the volunteer group or to attending the group.

In the first instance it will be a verbal warning, with form below completed.

The second time their will be a written warning or temporary ban as is appropriate.

Following this there will a temporary suspension or extended ban, for a 3rd offence. 

Any further offence/incident is a direct committee matter and will have to go further.

For any volunteer or team leader reporting, please inform them that this is not you taking these steps but is the management committee, as obliged by law, to keep records of any and every event.  It is part of your volunteering commitment.

Any violence, hate speech or anything considered to be a police matter will result in an instant ban, without further warnings.  Police are to be called immediately.  Notify admin immediately

Depending on urgency the form must ALWAYS be completed, with 24 hours or sooner if deemed appropriate.  It must be reported by the witness, as is company policy, but if required a team leader can assist with the process.

Please note you will always have the FULL support of both the management committee and our team leaders.

Whether they agree or disagree with a report, they must respect an individuals rights to report these.

Incident | Emergency | Disciplary report

This is an online form to be completed immediately after any of the above

This can be for anyone of the volunteer team, team leaders, managing committee or those attending.


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Into outside storage boxes, Garden of Ground floor 39 Holland street, Aberdeen, AB25 3UJ - ring buzzer if required or CALL

Bulk/ Ready to go straight out items can be dropped 7days, from 7am - 12pm, with photo & notice given prior, to city centre storage -  just email  - CITY CENTRE STORAGE

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