Mission Statement

Street Friends helping the homeless outreach/ befriending/ direct referral

Mission Statement / Vision / Core Values

Mission Statement and Vision

Our mission is to provide emergency care packages & provisions, for those most in need in Aberdeen, on our outreach sessions, meeting those most in need and coming to them.

We will with kindness also befriend, offer safe choices, with direct referrals when ready.  Whoever they are, wherever they come from. Our vision is of a society with an end of homelessness, but we are always here, Weds 18:30 -20:30 and Sun 17:00-19:00 city centre 5 teams reaching all areas.  Alongside 7 days a week online befriending and direct referrals.

Core Values

To achieve our mission and realise our vision all our activities are underpinned by the following values:

A commitment to respond to the specific needs of our attendees.

We do not shy away from difficult cases that require extra perseverance, understanding and care.  We are lucky to have the full backing of many local charities/ services, all experts in their field & we can utilise our direct referral ability for expertly trained services.

To work with each attendee as an individual, befriending them to consider, when ready, achievable and realistic goals, that will enable them to work towards a safe, sustainable and happy future.

With direct referrals to professional services if and/or when required.

To help our volunteers to realise the value of their labour and the contribution they can make to building a better society for all.  We have already begun recruiting from our guests/ attendees too, allowing everyone to become involved.

To foster and grow a community of attendees and volunteers built on a commitment to care, understanding and mutual respect. Street Friends Helping the Homeless is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of it’s attendees and volunteers.

Understand that tackling homelessness requires a grasp of complex problems and ‘wrap around’ solutions that must address the practical, emotional and social challenges that our attendees face.

The mission, vision and values of Street Friends have been consolidated into the following objectives:

Housing: develop and deliver a range of innovative housing solutions, via our befriending and direct referral ability.

Employment and training: to develop and build relationships with corporate partners and  third sector organisations to offer more work opportunities for our attendees. Extensive training possibilities for willing volunteers.

Health and wellbeing: to ensure each person contacting or attending our sessions the best possible wraparound befriending, safe choices and direct referral accessing specific services we have links with in various areas.

Campaigning: raise awareness and explain issues of homelessness and also to influence public policy.

Volunteering: building and supporting the local community through the creation of wide ranging and accessible volunteering opportunities. With an inclusive volunteers pathway.

Sustainability: ensure the future of Street Friends by obtaining our own permanent storage city centre & premises, paper free, recycling & zero waste goals. We support the UN #zerohungerchallenge for everyone to live with equality, dignity & health.

Fundraising: raise funds to support our existing work and plans for the future.

Street Friends helping the homeless, city centre outreach sessions
Emergency provisions/ befriending/ safe choices with direct referrals. Mon to Sun online befriending and direct referrals

Street Friends helping the homeless, city centre outreach sessions

Emergency provisions/ befriending/ safe choices with direct referrals/ Mon-Sun online advice, befriending & referrals.


We know that our strength lies not only in the words we stand by, but most importantly through the actions of our initiatives.


Now an official ACVO constitution community group, ACC registered and fully insured Non-Profit Organisation we realised that by working together we could overcome our challenges much more efficiently. #communityspirit 

Emergency provisions/ befriending/ safe choices with direct referrals.

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Beside Archibald Simpsons, opposite La Lombardas/ Castlegate

No donations anywhere else will go to Street Friends, easy access and parking.

During covid19 their are no donations in person, we request using our Amazon Wishlist, GoFundMe fundraisers and Bank Transfers only - Secretary Email

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