10,000 likes, 5years on, ACVO Registered, ACC Licensed, Insured. New website, stronger every day

Street Friends Helping the Homeless, Aberdeen - celebrating, promoting awareness

Reaching an incredible 10,000 Facebook likes. We are celebrating our relaunch as an ACVO (tsi) constitution registered Community group, ACC licensed, Fully Insured. New interactive website for induction training, to ensure our volunteers are the best.

Uniting communities by enabling everyone to join from anywhere, whoever they are, fellow groups, direct referrals & promotion of expert professional services, events, interests & all comments, thoughts & ideas. "it may be just that one idea or thought, which enables us to save more lives".

We believe that through honesty, doing things as per expected volunteer standards, safely following guidelines, utilising trace and protect, with complete transparency, we will keep getting stronger.

Leading to recognition & future sponsorship and further volunteers, donors & supporters too. As well as working towards charity status, Street Friends Helping the Homeless, Aberdeen. Dream team, in front & behind the scenes. United for a greater good. <3

Join us for free at our Street Friends Community Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube


Sorting/ Donations drop off location times: 7 day a week 12pm - 6.30pm

Into outside storage boxes, Garden of Ground floor 39 Holland street, Aberdeen, AB25 3UJ - ring buzzer if required or CALL

Bulk/ Ready to go straight out items can be dropped 7days, from 7am - 12pm, with photo & notice given prior, to city centre storage -  just email  - CITY CENTRE STORAGE

  • Justin Street Angels
  • Street Friends Helping the Homeless
  • Street Friends Abdn
  • Street Friends Helping the Homeless
  • Street Friends Helping the Homeless
  • Street Friends Abdn