A huge thank you to all. Confirmation of £5,000 community grant for Street Friends premises lease.

Dr. Vivian Chiahua Tu, Psychotherapist / Counsellor contacted our secretary 3 months ago, regarding a possible community grant. This was through Arnold Clark Toyota, Aberdeen. Working with her, Arnold Clark's Scott Gibson, we constructed a community grant bid. Everyone was supportive and understanding in the initial delay, with the bank account. We are thankful they gave us the chance to get things in order.

My partner’s company (Arnold Clark TOYOTA in East Tullos) is looking for a local food bank to make donations, to help out the local citizens in responses to the impacts of this current pandemic. The Japanese company TOYOTA is selecting 20 organisations to pass on £5000 each for the organisations to continue making the difference to the community. TOYOTA would be making the decisions on the selections of organisations to receive the fund. My partner is the general manager at Arnold Clark TOYOTA and he would like me to reach out to the charities and to make the contacts for this matters. I have been following your Facebook page for some time and have been always wanting to see if there is anything I could do to help. Warm regards.", Vivian.

The application was made and we were delighted to hear back from Scott Gibson (Arnold Clark), who has since, along with John Ryan (Toyota GB), confirmed the award of £5,000 towards premises lease. Last week our secretary signed the agreement to confirm.

We have since spoken to our Landlord Sunil (he has asked not to be named in full), about the possibility of turning storage only 'temporary licence' premises, into a potential lease option. We will confirm when we know more. Justin and Sam attended Arnold Clark just before Christmas, with confirmation and photos below shortly afterwards.

The award has been dispatched and should arrive next week. Our landlord who has been extremely busy with reorganising his international workforce, due to tier 4 & now full lockdown, has yesterday graciously agreed to get in touch this coming Monday to discuss further.

This is a further step forwards for Street Friends, our chairman Justin Ritchie stated, "Having permanent town centre full premises will enable us to do so much more", "This continues Street Friends goal of reaching out and helping more of the most in need in our community."

This is extremely exciting and will make such a difference to not only the incredible volunteer team at Street Friends, but the whole community who may be in need. As primary outreach, it allows us to do more with a full premises, although still abiding within the strict #covid19 restrictions. Incredible news, a huge thank you to all involved. Dr. Vivian Chiahua Tu, Scott Gibson and Arnold Clark team, John Ryan & Toyota GB team. Your assistance these past 2/3 months in getting this together, will lead to many people's lives being bettered, some even saved. A huge thank you to our landlord, for thinking of those in need and believing in Street Friends ability to continually build, since this summer, on what Justin Ritchie started years before. Amazing!! #community #teamwork #unity

Street Friends helping the homeless is seeing an expediential rise in attendance due to #covid19 and the restrictions and lockdown. Seeing around 3-400 people per week, with twice daily street welfare checks/trolley outreach, along with the Wed & Sun evening full frontline emergency covid19 FACTS safe full outreach. Having had to stop all in person donations following guidance, we have lost around 75% of all donations, if not more. We can still accept donations from the Amazon Wishlist, which is continually updated.

We are urgently requesting help via our GoFundMe fundraisers.

An emergency care package purchased can range from between £4 and £20, or more, depending what it includes. £4 is one emergency food parcel & hot drink.

We have some brilliant support with hot food, as well as the incredible Cfine. But with 3-400 seen on average weekly you can appreciate how this is affecting things. If you wish to help our fundraisers for #covid19 you can do so HERE and HERE. Or you can order from our AMAZON WISHLIST. Just one item, or even a few pounds makes a huge difference. By sharing this it also helps us raise awareness.

Thanks everyone for your #community spirit, #teamwork and understanding of our new procedures. We are unable at present to accept in person donations. Cash donations are of course needed, but the preference is to use the fundraisers or transfer to the official account, to prevent transmission risk. Thank you.

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No donations anywhere else will go to Street Friends, easy access and parking.

During covid19 their are no donations in person, we request using our Amazon Wishlist, GoFundMe fundraisers and Bank Transfers only -  just email  - CITY CENTRE STORAGE

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