Amazing Alastair, (Street Pastors, Kings C.F. & Trussell Trust), donates incredible reclaimed items.

We happily received items yesterday of items at the city centre storage location, from local community member/ Street Pastor/ Member of Kings Community Foundation.

"A group of us involved with Kings Community Foundation kicked off a project last year whereby we got a number of overalls/boiler-suits from offshore, which we have been re-branding, modifying and recycling to be able to give to local charities or groups that could make use of them. This all ground to a halt a bit due to COVID-19 but we are back up and running with it now and have a lot of stock currently that a few volunteers are working on readying to give to whoever has need of it. My colleague from work, Jordan Youngson, had mentioned you guys and I’m aware of the great work you do in Aberdeen (I’m part of the Street Pastors charity as well so know of you guys through discussion with other groups in/around town too) and we’d love to be able to give you a bunch of the items if you could put them to good use with the folks you meet and support - particularly given the items that we have and the cold weather months ahead when they might be much-needed.

Aberdeen Street Pastors - HERE

Because we are still modifying a lot of the items we can’t give loads at once, if that makes sense (we have a group of volunteers working to get more readied every couple of weeks) but we could look to try and get you say 10x overalls and 10x hi-viz jackets in the next week or two, and a similar sized donation a month afterwards, then as we move into next year we could look to provide a few more donations depending on what items/stock we have available and what you might need. That would be great about the mentions and if you can tag the 'Kings Community Foundation' on a Facebook update/post.

In terms of the Foodbank info, it's run through the Foundation (KCF) in conjunction with the Trussell Trust, and I'm not sure what the process is for people being on the list for drop-off/collection of parcels, etc, so I've cc'd in Ads who is the Admin/Coordinator for it and could hopefully pass on more details. Thanks! Alastair"

Kings College Foundation - HERE

We then heard from Ads, regarding additional details:

"Hi, Our foodbank I’ve included the link to all of our opening times and locations below. We’re a Trussell Trust foodbank so we operate through referral vouchers, but can clients can drop in if it is their first visit and we will give them the information on where they can be issued a voucher should they need more parcels in the future. If clients have a voucher they can be redeemed at any Trussell trust fb centre, in the city not just ours. Referrals are online now and clients can be issued vouchers over the phone. We have not confirmed opening times over Christmas, but once I have these confirmed these I’ll send them over to you asap, Speak soon! Ads"

Aberdeen North Foodbank - HERE

Many thanks from Justin & the whole team, incredible x

Trussell Trust - Here

Donate instantly to Street Friends - Here

Amazon Wishlist - Here

Street Friends Xmas/New Years breakfast session & Men Matter - HERE

Volunteer application - HERE

To drop donations off in person please contact:

Justin Ritchie 07787435456

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1 King Street, Aberdeen, AB24 5AA

Beside Archibald Simpsons, opposite La Lombardas/ Castlegate

No donations anywhere else will go to Street Friends, easy access and parking.

During covid19 their are no donations in person, we request using our Amazon Wishlist, GoFundMe fundraisers and Bank Transfers only -  just email  - CITY CENTRE STORAGE

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