Amazing Covid19 FACTS safe Frontline emergency welfare & kindness outreach Sun 17th Jan.

I will start by adding, that many of the photos feature people within a 2 metre zone, before we get any negativity please know that we now have several couples and small family groups. These volunteers are able to be together in this way. You will notice everyone else is 2 metres distanced wherever possible.

The outreach is essential. Seeing almost 100 people in need again. Completly using up all the hot meals from Cognito and from the lovely Andrea preparing hot soups and extra sandwiches. Having lost both Pret and Greggs main supply due to tighter restrictions, we were delighted when one of the Greggs stores was still able to help us out, (currently they are takeaway only).

Extra food preparation is possible thanks to kindness from volunteers such as Andrea, as she runs a renowned guest house, she has the facilities, and hygiene certs to allow this. She is also our food/meals coordinator.

We are looking for people to get in touch with us please if you are a local establishment, let us help you with our #supportlocal campaign, helping you as best we can in return.

Both Linda & Sam had several attendees to talk to separately. This enhanced befriending, utilises skills taught from Alcohol & Drugs Action, SDF and others, along with experience of group facilitation. Both of them advised of local services such as ADA availability, 'signposting'. Further requests have been sent by referral to Aberdeen Cyrenians and Aberdeen Foyer. These are people who would otherwise been missed, due to isolation and lockdown.

Our chairman Justin was in great spirits, having volunteered during the day, then the afternoon, he then went on to work an entire nightshift at his 'day job', with the NHS at ARI.

The volunteers were incredible, the queue kept to a minimum and every single member of those attending extremely well mannered. Our volunteers are all full of kindness, something which truly makes an instant difference. It wasn't too cold, but was wet and windy!! We also have several lived experience volunteers such as Linda, Terry, Hannah, Sam - and many more. We find the combination of both professional/retired/student volunteers, along with our lived experience peers, enables everyone to do so much more. #kindness #empathy #community #teamwork

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