Angie's Aberdeen Apple Pie - locally & professionally made with care for Street Friends Weds 28th

We were very pleased to welcome along Angela Joss, Community and Environmental Co-Ordinator, with Aberdeen Inspired. Involved in so many things, from the Urban Bee Project with ADA, Litter picking, Graffiti Grannies - You can't miss the inspirational art work, THROUGHOUT ABERDEEN & she is passionate, caring, professional - instantly bonding with all our Attendees. We do not accept home made or home baked items, which we cannot verify as being professionally made, with hygiene maintained. There were smiles a plenty as these carefully prepared individually sealed portions, did not stand a chance, as were devoured delightedly by our Attendees.

Angie, " I’m a mum of four, currently working part-time. My original degree’s in Communication Studies, and I DO love to communicate. Been over five years with the organisation; I enjoy my job because it allows me a professional focus for two of the things that I’m very passionate about – building communities and enhancing the environment, both locally and globally. I work across various Civic Pride projects, with businesses, schools and voluntary groups; supporting litter-picking, planting and generally working hard to improve the BID. Current Work Passion? Alongside ADA service users, I lead the Urban Bee Project, promoting biodiversity and sustainable food. In my “spare time”, I’m a performance poet and stand up feminist."

Working with Aberdeen Inspired alongside countless community and business groups, Aberdeen Inspired is the multi-award winning Business Improvement District (BID) for Aberdeen, now representing over 900 city centre businesses! You can find some links following our photos.


Are you a recognised business, charity, group, individual and would like to get involved with Street Friends - please do join our website as a friend, or just CLICK HERE

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