10 ways to make a difference

Updated: Aug 23

1 - We treat everyone with care and dignity

2 - Emergency provisions for homeless, vulnerable and poverty stricken

3 - Direct named contacts, within expert local groups.charities and organisations as 'safe choice'

4 - Positive mental attitude all round

5 - Safe environment, we never allow any breach of lockdown phases

6 - Protected, no ever will face aggression for any volunteer or attendee at our sessions

7 - we extend the hand of friendship to any community group or similar charity, provided they adhere to regulations and rules

8 - Team work. It has been hard to get into, but now with regular community volunteer suggestions we can move forward

9 - Offering FRESH emergency meals and desserts, tea/coffee/coup/pot noodles, food parcels, toiletries and clothing we can really help our community

10 - We have established a constitution, memberships, risk assessments, volunteering hours and now offering a full volunteering pathway with courses and much more too.

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Drop off donations location:

Ground floor 39 Holland street

Aberdeen, AB25 3UJ

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