Christmas Shoe box appeal, by the new SPEEDS Street Friends home/ virtual volunteers group,

Great idea from the new 'SPEEDS' group, Street Friends; ACVO constitution registered community group, ACC licensed & fully insured. Run by unpaid volunteers, relying on your donations. Email – thank you for your kindness and community spirit. Phone our Chairman, Justin Ritchie on 07787 4354556 or WhatsApp Sam Raion , Communication Secretary, 07368 561568. All these special shoebox Xmas items will be stored at our city centre storage depot – Available at request, please give 24-48 hours' notice via email, where possible, please liaise with people in your area where convenient, to enable to help picking up & dropping off, many thanks


Can you help us?

At Street Friends, we are hoping to lighten up someone’s Christmas this year. By filling a shoebox, you are spreading some Christmas cheer, and giving to those most in need in our community.
You can fill your shoebox up with as much goodies as you like, and then arrange for drop off at our city centre large storage facility.
Please feel free to take pictures if you wish, whilst filling up your boxes, so we can share it on our social media and website!
Our goal thanks to the fundraiser by West End F.C, Bradley, Kurtis, Jamie is to have a Xmas day (Fri 25th Dec Breakfast special outreach). Depending on quantity we would love to hand everyone a shoebox.
As a rough guide we see around 52% men, 43% women, 5% children. But all shoeboxes are very much appreciated, for anyone.
Thank you for all for your support, you really are making a difference this Christmas!

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19th July Street Friends Shoe box appeal
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19th Nox Street Friends Shoebox appeal
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Any extra collections are welcome, donations requiring sorting are sent straight to 39 Holland Street, Aberdeen. Open 7 days from 12 noon to 18:30. Donation link for 12hour covid19 safe, small risk assessed group, Night-walk event (19th Nov) homeless, raising suicide awareness, funds for Men Matter & Street Friends Aberdeen, open until Mid-Dec, click LINK.

Ongoing instant Donation link urgent for raising funds for Street Friends Aberdeen, click LINK. Thanks for your kindness from all the Virtual/ Home-based volunteers' team, Street Friends Management committee and all Street Friends volunteers. Everything donated direct to those most in need.

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 FULL COVID 19, No in person donations in effect - level 4 stay at home

1 King Street, Aberdeen, AB24 5AA

Beside Archibald Simpsons, opposite La Lombardas/ Castlegate

No donations anywhere else will go to Street Friends, easy access and parking.

During covid19 their are no donations in person, we request using our Amazon Wishlist, GoFundMe fundraisers and Bank Transfers only - Secretary Email

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