Congratulations Caitlin, completing the additional ADA naloxone training as well as full induction

Caitlin Friel is a busy young lady, volunteering a lot of her time as well as her Uni studies and so much more. It is therefore humbling she chooses to volunteer in the first place. Now taking on roles of responsibility and progressing through our mandatory theory induction for all, which includes 3 great e-learning courses from SDF (Drug Awareness, Naloxone and overdose Awareness & Motivational interviewing. She realised the benefits of Naloxone training and receiving the extra kit.

This is delivered by ADA lived experience naloxone peer outreach team, with issuing of kit instantly after a short recap of the SDF course. This is then complimented by advised videos and reading from NHS, ADP. Caitlin was absolutely in-tune with the reasons behind using naloxone and the course, answering questions I was halfway through asking, incredible. All our inducted volunteers who have gone on to do the short extra ADA course and received kits have been the same. It is a reflection on Street Friends as a whole - it is saying not only that I care, but that I am prepared to put in extra effort, to be in a position to help save lives. Caitlin now has her naloxone kit, she will shortly also receive here ADA certificate too. #amazing

Let's acknowledge that. We are always there with meals and with kind words. But for Caitlin and our other Naloxone fully trained volunteers, to now be in a position to be prepared to attempt to instantly save lives - is breath taking. For those who are unaware Naloxone is a life saving, overdose reversal treatment. With training in CPR, coupled with the new legislative changes regarding delivery to enable LIFE SAVING to continue, even through #Covid19. At times one dose can literally bring someone back to life. Caitlin now has that ability.

I must mention that the other parts of our induction are equally as important, for our 'initial' befriending part we use Motivational Interviewing in short conversations. This compliments the kind words and chats, which every one of the team do incredibly well. With the initial induction training, learning how to correctly go about encouraging change, avoiding negativity, to ensure every individual receives motivation - but still retains their own choice. It's a standard voluntary sector approach. We are here, and always will be, to offer primary frontline emergency care, meals and provisions. So it is logical for us to be able to compliment this by gently coaxing and motivating good decisions, yet still allowing individual choice. This results in our being able to 'signpost' to expert services when required, to actively embrace an individuals journey, whilst it still being their own. The goal to have 'safe choices' and progression and development open to every attendee is of paramount importance.

A side note - for those who may have noticed our logo changed for the relaunch, for which we are constantly complimented on. This is kind, but the logo was designed by Caitlin too. We encourage participation and involvement from all our volunteers, the logo is simply proof of why this is so important.

Caitlin, thank you for championing this, and actively helping to #bethechange #kindness #care

Find more about ADA (Alcohol & Drugs Action) - HERE

Scottish Drugs Forum (SDF) e-learning courses - HERE

Join our team or get involved in any way - HERE

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