DDTF, one year report. Reigniting, following the covid19 climate, Street Friends/ ADA/ Peer Sam

Sam Raion, the communications secretary, has been invited to observe the 16th Nov 2020 DDTF meeting.

For those interested:


Background: The Drug Deaths Taskforce (DDTF) was set up in June 2019 in acknowledgment of the rising number of drug related deaths (DRDs) in Scotland. In July 2019, National Records Scotland published their annual DRD statistics which showed that Scotland had recorded 1,187 drug related deaths in 2018, 253 (27%) more than in 2017 and the highest number ever recorded. Chaired by Professor Catriona Matheson, with Neil Richardson OBE as Vice Chair, the DDTF is made up of individuals each of whom were specifically asked to be on the group either in a personal capacity or on behalf of the organisations they represent (a full membership list of the DDTF is available at Annex A). This membership was also selected for their ability to oversee any change in their respective organisations which may be required to improve this situation. An overview of the DDTF can be found HERE. This summarises what the group were asked specifically to do. However, the Minister for Public Health, Sport and Wellbeing had been clear in his letter of invitation to members that the purpose of the group was to examine how changes could be made in practice and in law to reduce the level of harm and death being experienced by people who use drugs, to tackle the rising number of drug deaths in Scotland.

Click - HERE for the one year on report.

Sam will update with details following attending Mondays meeting. This is something that can directly play a part in many of our attendees homelessness, leading to untimely, avoidable deaths. (DRD's)

It is one of the reasons behind the incorporation of the courses in our induction. Coupled with the optional naloxone training & free kit, alongside 10 mins training, provided by ADA lived experience naloxone peer outreach team. Open to all volunteers. Anyone can do the online SDF course, those who may be around or require a kit, can the request a further 2 hours ADA training on zoom - contact ADA direct, or speak to Sam or Linda.

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