Delicious hot food from group, Aberdeen Muslims, from their professional Food box outreach.

For Street Friends they have offered by the local group Aberdeen Muslims, via their professional Food box service, this we are told will be curry, nothing better for warming someone up at this time of year, and anytime of year.

We cannot wait to welcome them along and as always this continues uniting communities, a true act of #communityspirit #kindness and a lovely way to celebrate #Aberdeen our multi-cultural and diverse society. We cannot thank them enough, nor wait to see them on Weds 4th Nov 2020, on our outreach.

Thank you guys and As-salamu alaykum

"Peace be upon you".

The incredibly kind offer of fortnightly donations offered by Aberdeen Muslims, see more details about them - HERE

There are some details in brief below.

If you are a local group, with a professional food service ability you are welcome to come along offering hot food, or items. This helps us greatly. You can of course help Street Friends helping the homeless, Aberdeen, with collections, donations, volunteering, sponsorship and much more, details - HERE was founded by local Muslim Aberdonians who have lived in Aberdeen all their lives.  

As Scottish Muslims, we felt it was important to give the Muslims in Aberdeen and the wider community an independent central hub where they could be updated on information that concerned the local community; whether that be information about an upcoming Islamic lecture, a family fun day, or where to go out for a halal curry; the idea being, there is something for everyone in this website...

All our information is assembled via different websites & information resources and cannot be 100% verified.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. has 3 distinct aims:

1) Promote unity in the Muslim community by working in partnership with the different Islamic & wider organisations in Aberdeen City and beyond through events, lobbying and mediation.

2) Build relationships with the wider Non-Muslim community, local authorities & local press and act as an independent & consolidated point of contact for information.

All our information is published on for viewing & distribution.  Please contact us for more information regarding any topics or matters.

3) Attract volunteers that want to help the local community (especially the needy & disadvantaged) by offering their time, knowledge & experience.


Sorting/ Donations drop off location times: 7 day a week 12pm - 6.30pm

Into outside storage boxes, Garden of Ground floor 39 Holland street, Aberdeen, AB25 3UJ - ring buzzer if required or CALL

Bulk/ Ready to go straight out items can be dropped 7days, from 7am - 12pm, with photo & notice given prior, to city centre storage -  just email  - CITY CENTRE STORAGE

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  • Street Friends Helping the Homeless
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  • Street Friends Helping the Homeless
  • Street Friends Helping the Homeless
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