Emergency call out 6/7am We try to reach as many as we can, some points from Justin, Chairman.

We had received notifications regarding a rough sleeper who we have worked towards helping, as and when able recently. However, there are only certain ways we can do this, there are strict guidelines set by the entire sector.

We attended just after 7am this morning. The rough sleeper in question is in a good condition and was offered food bags, water proof sleeping bags, dog food treats and much more. Some of which was accepted. Health of all involved is being cared for, is good, there continues to be ongoing support from a major professional service. We will continue attending.

It is important that we mention some things here. We will shortly release a video regarding the ways ourselves at Street Friends feel, are positive ways that further similar situations should be approached. These are offered as our opinion, following guidelines we adhere to and follow. Also offered in a thankful and positive manner, for all.

We always encourage kindness. However we believe personally this should be done in a safe, and appropriate manner.

If someone is in an emergency/life threatening situation contact 999. If thy are in a possibly hazardous, or in your opinion unsafe condition then contact 111 to ask advice. We would suggest that openly publicising on Social Media and by word of mouth, can be both dangerous and have non desirable outcomes.

Know that Aberdeen has excellent local services. You may seek to try their websites and contact numbers prior to emergency services for advice (unless loss of life is imminent then still 999, possible risks still NHS24 (111) for guidance). They are professionals and experts. We have a twice weekly outreach, as well as when possible we will respond as a primary frontline outreach, outside these sessions. These sessions increase to 3 times a week from w/c 21st Dec. You can always contact Street Friends, our chairman Justin Ritchie on 07787435436. Our Facebook and other social media accounts by private messages & email in confidence too

We are non-judgemental, there is always a need for confidence in all matters. Please do let us know if we can help to assess the situation. Due to being PVG holders, Naloxone trained, with many years of experience within our team, we are happy to help assist. Again we will always still ourselves, following an assessment of needs and an individuals choice, make decisions based on these, along with the guidance of the expert services we happily work alongside. We then can make decisions of whom to refer to where appropriate, and other possibilities in a professional confidential manner.

But, ultimately it remains that everyone has choice. Voicing concerns by word of mouth or any other means, (other than a confidential service as mentioned or indeed to ourselves, also confidential), is not a way we would advise. So please let us continue to help others, to offer kindness at all times, in a correct manner. By working together as a community we can help each other out, safely. These acts of kindness and uniting communities are what we full represent. Our strength comes from community/human kindness, and we aim to move forwards in this way. Please know you can always contact us. Many thanks to all concerned. With thanks Justin and the Street Friends Team.

#kindness #unitingcommunities #everylifematters

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