International Men's Day 19th 'Movember', alcohol awareness week, prevent rising suicides

Welcome to International Men’s Day in the UK

Former Prime Minister, Rt Hon Theresa May MP:
“I recognise the important issues that this event seeks to highlight, including men’s health, male suicide rates and the underperformance of boys in schools, these are serious issues that must be addressed in a considered way.”

International Men’s Day in the UK is on 19 November every year (Thursday this year) – it is celebrated around the world in at least 60 countries.

Every year, International Men’s Day in the UK is marked by more and more women, men and organisations across the country. Across November in the UK there is a Parliamentary debate, policy launches, employer days, community events, health days, business events, debates, student events, political events, gigs, conferences, competitions, comedy nights and charity fundraisers – the most anywhere in the world.

There were over 200 events in 2018 – and even more in 2019 (plus #internationalmensday was the biggest Twitter trend in the UK on the day). Let’s make 2020 even bigger! Organisations and people do not have to stick to holding an event or celebration on 19 November if they want to mark the day (Thursday this year).

The three core themes for International Men’s Day in the UK are:

Making a positive difference to the wellbeing and lives of men and boys

Raising awareness and/or funds for charities supporting men and boys’ wellbeing

Promoting a positive conversation about men, manhood and masculinity

These core themes help to address some of the issues that affect men and boys such as:

The high male suicide rate

The challenges faced by boys and men at all stages of education including attainment and re-skilling

Men’s health (including male cancers), shorter life expectancy and workplace deaths

The challenges faced by the most marginalised men and boys in society (for instance, homeless men, boys in care and the high rate of male deaths in custody)

Male victims of violence, including sexual violence

The challenges faced by men as parents, particularly new fathers and separated fathers

Male victims and survivors of sexual abuse, rape, sexual exploitation, domestic abuse, forced marriage, honour-based crime, stalking and slavery

The negative portrayal of men, boys and fathers

Key statistics on the above can be found HERE

Don't forget to check out Men Matter Scotland - HERE and our event 12 hour covid19 safe thanks to Bradley, Kurtis & Jamie - HERE with fundraising open until Xmas. Please help if you can!!

International Men's day UK Thu 19th click - HERE

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