Naloxone Success! Linda, volunteer coordinator & Sam, comms secretary, in ADA outreach roles.

We are proud to announce another 2 successful fully inducted volunteers with Street Friends, now have their Naloxone training completed & have been issued with kits. Congratulations Kerrie & Becca. They received these after completing their full induction with Street Friends, which includes 3 SDF e-learning courses.

Linda and Sam are both volunteers for the incredible Alcohol & Drugs Action, whose new covid19 safe initiative enables them to compliment the SDF courses, with a further 10/15 minute talk through and in person, 1 at a time demonstration of the kits. They are part of the ADA lived experience naloxone peer outreach team, which is proving incredible effective. Kerrie & Becca completing their Naloxone training, ensures Street Friends have even more people available, should the need arise to save lives! #everylifematters #naloxone

Becca, a school teacher stated,

"I thoroughly enjoyed all courses on the induction, as a school teacher, it is in my nature to want to help others, whenever I can. Learning how to do so correctly and safely, enabling me to save a life, is incredible".

Kerrie, who's partner is in the Police, had heard a lot about Naloxone, and was very interested.

"I found all the induction courses to be of great benefit from SDF, especially the Motivational interviewing. I think the benefit of doing this is having the confidence & learning on how kind words can be supplemented, with gentle motivation for change, when required. The naloxone training was great from ADA outreach team. I believe everyone should have the option to be able to save lives".

The continually ongoing project came about from much discussion and preparation, from ADA, SDF, ADP, NHS, Police Scotland & Street Friends.

ADA run regular courses, you can contact them HERE

SDF has a range of excellent courses online HERE

Why the ADA lived experience naloxone peer team is so effective, is that it enables us to reach Street Friend volunteers, who often have full time jobs, studies and more. So with the combination of a short covid19 safe 10/15 mins talk through, coupled with the SDF online learning, is truly effective.

Street Friends run primary outreach for #homeless #vulnerable #poverty stricken twice weekly, in a covid19 safe manner. Keep an eye out for their appearance on STV soon!!

Linda Algie, has over 17 years working in social care, with lived experience and many years volunteering in numerous organisations. A long term ADA volunteer, she has done countless naloxone training sessions. In addition to winning awards for her volunteering. She has recently this year seen a huge rise in the numbers of lapses, relapses with those she has previously facilitated groups for and with. She is a Street Friends team leader and also the volunteer coordinator & trainer. Volunteering at Shmu with a weekly show, and building a new peer led group called FRESH

Sam Raion, started volunteering in youth work when he was 15, a martial artist and trained fitness & nutrition coach, he then worked globally for years in the oil sector, as a field engineer. Through many turbulent years, he found himself as an ADA service user, then progressed to a lived experience group run by Linda. With encouragement he started co-facilitating & facilitating peer2peer groups too. Additionally he joined the naloxone training team some years ago. He is now comms Secretary for Street Friends management committee. Also an ADA volunteer, he volunteers with Shmu every week and is forming a new peer led group with Linda, called FRESH

Sam says,

"I no longer look at my past as having mistakes, just lessons I can learn from. It was through embracing & acknowledging this, I understood my lived experience could help others. I do not feel obligated to help anyone, but it is in my nature to care for all, so I revelled at options provided by ADA, SRC, ORT Recovery & Me & Shmu. I openly discuss my past, by doing so it allows others to build trust, acknowledging my empathy & experience. The knowledge that every single person trained in naloxone, could result in a life saved, is mind blowing, I believe #everylifematters. Soon after relaunching the Street Friends team through ACVO tsi, I felt it may be worth trying to further handing out parcels, with initial befriending, enabling safe options for progression. Then establishing direct referral links with many local expert services & professionally trained mentors and counselling peers and staff"

Linda mentions that,

"Sam and I have always worked well as a team, I started facilitating groups, with a goal of helping just one person progress. It turned out I didn't stop there!!! It is clearly evident that with numbers growing for lapses, relapses, DRD's and suicides, more options were needed. When Sam came to me for advice, I leapt at the chance, I am a natural people person - helping others, using my work knowledge, training and lived experience to help others is just common sense. I am the NHS/ARI liaison for ADA, but due to covid19 climate, it is not possible presently to be in that role. I have absolute respect for Justin's vision, both Sam & I are delighted to be able to play our part in ensuring volunteers have the best opportunities. This in turn allows Street Friends to help so many more people, with numbers constantly growing it is of paramount importance that volunteers have the training and skills, to continue helping others - and if required using naloxone, to save a life!!"

Log on to the website to find out more HERE

#naloxone #communityspirit #livedexperience #bethechange

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