New home based virtual volunteers group creation

The new website/ virtual/ home based volunteers group in development will be (SPEEDS) initially, name to be decided & tbc, but reflecting:

Support (local businesses & Street Friends community)
Professional Procurement
Enabling Enterprise

This group is a work from home/ phone/ virtual group, possibly to be assisted/ overseen by new committee member Wayne and Svetla (tbc)

This virtual group consists professionals, professional volunteers, PVG holders & registered lived experience volunteers. Working independently the goal is to run itself, albeit supervised initially then arrangements can be made to drop bulk items off at storage, liaise with Holland street sorting/ drop off location too. With a goal to get sponsorships, multiple funding streams and work alongside the current volunteers team. The hope being that this will enable regular items such as food parcels, toiletries etc to be achieved in bulk. To be available whenever needed to compliment the ongoing donations as requested by Holland street.

All applications and received donations will be directly logged into the system, available to all to see and then thank via social media and website, and in videos etc.

This is credited to the idea at the initial committee meeting, Aug 2020, by Justin, to look for sponsors, supporters and so forth.

There will be an addition to the groups section on the website for this group, when they have decided a proper name to reflect the roles. It will be presented to the next committee meeting, which could be sensibly be held, following bank account opening (fingers crossed) end Nov. It will also help with the winter campaign and Xmas campaign ideas, also presented then.

Every inducted Street Friends volunteer is welcome to add suggestions to, or become a part of this group on the website. So it is again full open and transparent. We all then know exactly what is moving forwards, being done, urgently need etc.


Sorting/ Donations drop off location times: 7 day a week 12pm - 6.30pm

Into outside storage boxes, Garden of Ground floor 39 Holland street, Aberdeen, AB25 3UJ - ring buzzer if required or CALL

Bulk/ Ready to go straight out items can be dropped 7days, from 7am - 12pm, with photo & notice given prior, to city centre storage -  just email  - CITY CENTRE STORAGE

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