New storage, first look, first initial clear out - urgent help maintenance, wardrobes, chest drawers

We are pleased to announce we have received the key and have entered the new premises. These premises are NOT owned, or leased by us, but under a special licence. The landlord has requested no publicity, but thank you if you read this, as has the estate agents, but again thanks to your team.

The slight delay was due to an unfortunate covid19 closure of the Aberdeen Agents office, which reflects how seriously precautions should be taken. Their policy is not only the use of trace & protect, which instantly required all there to have a 2 week isolation. It also closed the office as well for 2 weeks.

We urgently need around 6 chest of drawers, 4 wardrobes, big tables, small tables and some side tables. With a possibility for other free standing storage too. We can store tables, trolleys, non-perishable food bags and non-perishable pet food bags. Also of course the toiletries per made bags. Clothing will be stored safely in bags. Note that prior to receiving the storage mediums, we obviously need to get further approval and ensure we have in place fire alarm and extinguisher. Which goes without saying. We urgently need a maintenance person to assist with this, and a few trip hazards, nails sticking out. Again we cannot make modifications to either the temporary stud partitions, any rooms inside, and especially not to ANY of the listed building interior or exterior.

We operate as storage, with the kindness of our landlord, who is also using their own insurance to cover us for storage. As a result the following precautions must be utilised from Mon 9th when it begins use. Trace and protect, utilising the QR code poster, which will be displayed. Anyone receiving a key does so, under the condition that they will not attend the storage without logging in/logging out too. At know time use the premises for anything other than storage, without prior approval by the landlord. As well as acknowledging it cannot be passed to anyone else, with a £75 replacement for any lost key. The £75 is to cover the costs of a new lock, new keys to those who have and key for both estate agent and landlord. Losing a key may well result in the termination of our use of the premises.

Anyone entering premises will also need their inductions completed for the initial basic volunteer level. That way we know everyone has registered in full, is trustworthy and knows all of our handbook, precautions and initial quick courses. As well as of course, acknowledging that although it is a huge space, masks are still required inside with others, as it is not ventilated, nor has it been covid19 assessed.

With a full lockdown in England again, as well as valuing our friends, families, colleagues and indeed everyone. I appreciate that we all already follow these procedures, anywhere we may be, which will continue until we are advised by the government and Aberdeen Council, that these are to be reduced or no longer required. With regards to the council, this is a listed building, change of use from empty to storage for us has taken almost 2months with insurance, details and namely rates. Please know that Street Friends is in no position to be able to pay rates for a listed building on Union Street. Again, this has been addresses and rates rebates of 80% and then a further 20% will be achievable - provided no change of use. So if any volunteer/s are found to have done otherwise they will be liable for the full amount of rates.

Apologies for the seriousness, but I know just how much we truly care about those we help. People in need, vulnerable, homeless and poverty stricken. The team is doing such an incredible job, this is just one more step of many. Never forget how much all the Street Friends Managing committee appreciate your help, volunteering your time, to help those in need. As well as all our kind donators, benefactors, supporters and sponsors. We are being noticed, many people are being helped as much as we are in a position to do. So again a huge thank you to you all.

So very exciting!!! If you can help with maintenance, donations or have any other ideas email or to get involved with GoFundMe, Amazon Wish List, donations, volunteering, sponsors and more details - click HERE

First clear out and clean before and after!!

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No donations anywhere else will go to Street Friends, easy access and parking.

During covid19 their are no donations in person, we request using our Amazon Wishlist, GoFundMe fundraisers and Bank Transfers only -  just email  - CITY CENTRE STORAGE

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