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Updated: Nov 16, 2020

All our incredible team of volunteers aim to have their induction and registration completed the next 2/3 weeks, in time for the quarterly review, committee meeting Start Dec. (Following the official Street Friends bank account opening)

Communications secretary will commit time to assisting anyone who has any problems. Direct inquiry emails, clearly flagged will be responded to, or 1 to 1 assistance will be provided.

New simplified process for all future volunteers is as follows. All new volunteers should be following this process already, the article is directed to existing volunteers.

Step 1 - Register with a public profile on the website.

Step 2 - Submit Initial Volunteers Application.

This allows time for reference checks to be made, and gives time for volunteers to familiarise themselves with handbook and policies.

When references are approved, all are welcome to begin buddy-up practical assistance and inductions. (Day 1) (trainee volunteer level)

Step 3 - Apply for available positions currently grouped as either Outreach/Donations, Driver/collectors, Work from home/ Virtual volunteers and Safety/PVG applications. Complete any theory inductions online, assistance provided wherever required, upload any necessary certification, drivers licences and so forth. (day 1 to week 1) (trainee level). Note for those to doing the essential basic SDF courses, you open an account using the links with them in the name of 'Street Friends', as a 'volunteer'.

All volunteers completing these simple steps are then classed as volunteers. Upon joining the inducted volunteers groups, they can then be issued with a certificate of completed induction.

On groups which can be managed by any inducted volunteer, updates can then be added simply and ongoing. So things such as extra help needed, Xmas ideas, Items urgently required, Items at the city centre storage facility

On groups inducted volunteers can start to be nominated for annual awards for the volunteering sector. An option would be to have the same for our own Street Friends volunteers, from next year having annual award/s of our own too. Additionally we will look to take part in raising awareness, being a part of things such as Celebrate Aberdeen.

Step 4 - Optional progression advised is to complete things such as the ADA lived experience naloxone peer training, having a kit issued. We will look into further courses such as first aid.

Optional - PVG's can be applied for free by all inducted volunteers, to enable caring for our vulnerable group of attendees. These are required for initial befriending (unsupervised), befriending skills further training, online/phone befriending.

Further to this you then have the option to have promotions through the volunteers pathway if you wish. Options to apply for available managing committee roles and much more.

Current team leaders/ promotions stand and will hold, but everyone is politely requested to understand that now into our 4th month. We must have complete accountability and transparency, with everyone registered, reference checked and as such then fully insured for Street Friends.

It has been quite a journey, for which the whole management team Justin, Olga & Sam thank you for being a part of making it fantastic.

Our monthly committee meeting will be start Dec, following new account opening. This will be with Chairman, Communications Secretary and Treasurer. Then straight after we will officially welcome the new temporarily appointed committee members, (elected non-quorum, last month). Holding a full catch up meeting for all of the committee afterwards.

All reports are invited to be sent in at the latest one week before the meeting, so w/c 23rd Nov 2020. These will be added to meeting itinerary, for which everyone will receive copies of prior to attending the meeting.

The committee meeting agenda will then run through all details of the itinerary, with a small section at the end for AOB.

All volunteers and members are welcome to send in suggestions via groups, which can also be added to the agenda's AOB.

Click - HERE for volunteers pathway read the handbook - HERE

Thank you, you are all amazing!!

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