One of our 'Angels', Andrea, strikes again - #communityspirit and #kindness

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

Andrea Muirhead is a very active supporter of Street Friends, in so very many ways. Constantly going above and beyond to ensure those most in need have urgently needed items.

She was in touch instantly upon hearing of latest needs and we were delighted to see her yesterday. Bringing 10 incredible, waterproof, sleeping bags - is a very kind, thoughtful and sensible idea. We all know how Aberdeen weather can be, especially at this time of year, so waterproof sleeping bags are a welcome addition.

It is lovely that the community rallies behind those most in need, even at these hard times, for us all. As a busy business women, parent, active on many other community projects - Andrea still takes the time to help out those most in need. For those who may not know her, you will have heard of Aberdeen Angels!! We fully acknowledge the accuracy of the name, for she truly is one, many thanks from all of the team. #care #helpushelpothers

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1 King Street, Aberdeen, AB24 5AA

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No donations anywhere else will go to Street Friends, easy access and parking.

During covid19 their are no donations in person, we request using our Amazon Wishlist, GoFundMe fundraisers and Bank Transfers only -  just email  - CITY CENTRE STORAGE

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