Please help the vulnerable/homeless in your community!!!

Updated: Aug 25

💚 We hope you are having a great week💚♥️

Thank you all for all your lovely support and your amazing donations too it means a lot and helps lots of people we need your help again this is our wish list for this week thank you so much💕

Biscuits, Sweets, Crisps, Chocolate, Pot noodles, cuppa soups, tinned fruit, Cartons of juice, Bottles of water, cereal bars.

Tea, coffee, Hot chocolate, Sugar.

Cuppa soups, Pot noodles or pot rice for serving hot – sterile safe & enjoyed by all

Men's and women's clothes, backpacks & hold alls, all clothes are needed but urgently:

T-shirts, socks, boxers, underwear, joggers, shoes, trainers. We usually have smaller sized attendees, but have been requested larger items and also jackets. Sleeping bags, plastic lining for the ground is requested for sleeping rough.

Men's and women's toiletries, Cat and dog food and treats.

Drop off point is 39 Holland Street from 2:30pm to 6:30pm, Thank you all so much. 💕


Drop off donations location:

Ground floor 39 Holland street

Aberdeen, AB25 3UJ

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