Response, Recovery & Resilience Fund £1000 application submitted, fingers crossed!

With a huge thanks to the financial gurus at ACVO, they though of our group registered with them and have worked with us for 2 months getting the application delivered in time.

The delay was again due to the bank account status, which had been ongoing since June, but was fully achieved and opened within 2 weeks by Chairman Justin Ritchie and Secretary Sam Raion. Sam has worked with both Cristina & Kaja from ACVO, with their support being incredible throughout.

The award will be £1000, if successful. This award was made possible due to the criteria we clearly fitted. By Justin adjusting the group, pre-ACVO registration to be solely outreach. To reach those most in need. By putting into place things such as the Covid19 Emergency Response team, as well as adding in the extensive risk assessed procedures for moving forwards during tier 4, now full lockdown. With these procedures it meant a loss of 100%, of our in person donations. Which as we know is well over 75% of our running costs, as we had solely relied on donations.

The fund acknowledged the work that had been undertaken already to raise awareness and start fundraising by the incredible Bradley & team from Aberdeen West End FC, for both homelessness and mental health, with the 12 hour night walk for Street Friends & Men Matter Scotland in November.

It has been noted that we are clearly still operating under strict conditions, minimalizing group sizes, quickly reducing queues - to ensure everyone is safe and distanced. As well as reducing radically the amount of people in the storage facility to just 3, plus the additions of remaining FACTS safe at all times. I for one know how frustrating this is for us all, when we are sop used to getting closer to those in need, to give support, kind words and hugs. But abiding by these rules is not only our legal obligation, it is being noticed and through this we are able to be eligible for extra help such as this. Allowing us to continue operations in the ‘new normal’, and to re-establish/ re-design our activities to comply with new regulations.

Details on RRR are HERE

We would like to not only thank Foundation Scotland, in partnership with the National Emergencies trust but also those at ACVO, for their incredible support and work for Street Friends, whatever the outcome. Fingers crossed everyone!

Anyone wishing to help us further can donate via Amazon Wishlist | Covid19 Street Friends | Covid19 Mental Health/Street Friends

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No donations anywhere else will go to Street Friends, easy access and parking.

During covid19 their are no donations in person, we request using our Amazon Wishlist, GoFundMe fundraisers and Bank Transfers only -  just email  - CITY CENTRE STORAGE

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