Sponsors supporting Street Friends helping the homeless current options.

Potential sponsors please click HERE.

Street Friends appreciates the generosity and involvement of local businesses. This is a great option for your local businesses and allows us to assist in return, by supporting local businesses #supportlocal

As we offer the primary frontline outreach for Aberdeen, for #homeless #vulnerable #poverty stricken, we are facing some weather extremes.

We currently reach around 250,000 weekly, via social media, website and multiple weekly city wide exposure.

We are looking for Street Friends Team hi-vis waterproof waistcoats with our details and are happy to have the name of your business advertised as a sponsor.

Waterproof jackets as above.

T-shirts and hoodies as above.

Caps, baseball hats as above.

Urgently needed weatherproof big tables with umbrellas with secure weighted base - these are as above and would feature in the city centre operations, regularly each week.

Flyers & Posters, waterproof signs, business cards.

Email admin today and let us know HERE


Sorting/ Donations drop off location times: 7 day a week 12pm - 6.30pm

Into outside storage boxes, Garden of Ground floor 39 Holland street, Aberdeen, AB25 3UJ - ring buzzer if required or CALL

Bulk/ Ready to go straight out items can be dropped 7days, from 7am - 12pm, with photo & notice given prior, to city centre storage -  just email  - CITY CENTRE STORAGE

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  • Street Friends Helping the Homeless
  • Street Friends Helping the Homeless
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