Sun 27th Session - Following tightened restrictions, Street Friends goes above and beyond!!

Wit the new layout we maintained over the 2 metres guidance, no households mixing, maintaining small groups of attendees, then gently moving them on when needed, to abide by the current law.

The distinct and now very clear 'penalty box' style markings with posters and queue monitors, keep people distanced, but with queue monitors taking hte opportunities to chat whilst doing so. taking the opportunity to chat and befriend them too.

The Dream team worked wonders, ensuring they distanced from other volunteers, whilst allowing those most in need to continue to attend with everything available from meals and deserts, all sealed and fresh; hot drinks and hot instant meals to maintain a sterile process, toiletries clothing, pet food, food parcels #kindness 'befriending and if required forwarded on to Admin, for direct referrals..


Drop off donations location:

Ground floor 39 Holland street

Aberdeen, AB25 3UJ

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