Thanks to Paul O'Connor and Inchgarth CC team

We were lucky enough to have already 'zoomed' with Paul, but last week we were lucky enough to have £1000 worth of urn, laptops and cleaning supplies donated.

The future is bright with their knitting group beginning to send in items for those most in need too - incredible #communityspirit helping the #homeless #vulnerable and #poverty stricken with our outreach, befriending and direct referrals.

If you think that's the start of a thank you - you are wrong. Yesterday we received about £3/400 worth of urgently needed foods for our dwindling supplies. We will always need more but this is an incredible help for this week.

So now it is time to thank you all for your incredible ongoing support, donations and advice. It is so very much appreciated. Thank you all so much from all of the team.


Drop off donations location:

Ground floor 39 Holland street

Aberdeen, AB25 3UJ

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