URGENT 25th Sept Covid19, Street Friends to continue safely

1st minister update 24th Sept

Aberdeen Council Covd19 24th Sept

Guys we will have all no doubt seen or heard the recent update, plea and enforcement, urging for following in detail to the restrictions of FACTS, please know that as we are in the city centre, we must maintain distancing. I appreciate we wear masks, as do our attendees. This was, and has always been the reasoning behind and continued request for 15 people per session. Any attendee 'daunted' by volunteers following government protocols, to protect the attendee and themselves, the dream team and their families, can be asked to take a seat and items brought over. Everyone can still be seen and given emergency care and provisions.

We had huge success with the new extra precautions we put into action Tues 22nd, utilising from the 23rd session onwards, prior to this additional warning yesterday.

This was 1 behind each table and that's 2 volunteers per table area in 2 metre box, maintaining 2 metres distancing. So 3 per area x 2 areas = 3 people. 6 people per table area. The idea is to have 3 people helping maintaining queue distancing and dispersing and groups gathered together. That's 9 at tables and queues.

The idea is to have 2 or 3, if numbers permit per trolley too, doing SEPARATE routes to ensure distancing.

Should we not get the numbers then we would need to look at reducing trolley service down, possibly to one trolley. The table area is focussed on, thus a priority,.

Please keep our ongoing kindness and goodwill going, but we MUST adhere to this. Have our quick chats, but no one can come to the table, or breach the box. To look at sandwiches or otherwise. That is why 2 volunteer gather items, take them away from the table to ensure the distancing.

THERE IS NO REASON to suspend or reduce our service with the correct numbers - with the correct adhering to restrictions and to arrive promptly working as a team. By doing so we remain in a position of emergency provision and care givers, helping those most in need, #homeless #vulnerable #poverty stricken. As permissible by current guidelines. Remember no visits into households, but outside garden packing, as we have always done throughout the crisis, distanced is essential

Drivers ensure it is family units in cars, NO car shares, if not people can walk down from Holland Street. Please continue to wear your masks in the car.

I suggest doing the same as before, Sam will be down to tape and signs up prior to arrival by attendees or volunteers. Plus say hello to new volunteers.

NO contact or elbow pumps permitted at any time, no touching and no one in the 2metree zone with or without masks unless it is imperative

Many thanks for acknowledging this, but most of all thanks to you our volunteers for your good work and our continuing adhering to the current restrictions, and recent enforced plea by first minister on 24th Sept and Aberdeen council above

Any questions on this just follow the above links to the full speech by the first minister yesterday, and the ACC details, or email thank you.

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