Want to help your community and those in need, but on a budget

There are many ways to help, that needn't be costly. We are currently seeing around 100 people an outreach. But please remember it does not have to be 'named' brands, they are only ever considered to be a guide.

Every session we urgently need per food parcel: tin baked beans, tin tuna, tin soup, tinned fruit, instant pasta or instant couscous type sachets, pot noodle, juice carton or can, bottle of water, biscuits, crisps, sweets or chocolate, angel delight sachet, cup a soup, custard tub or rice pudding, uht milk.

So those with wholesaler cards could get them a lot cheaper, but even local own brands are fine. Believe me having been in a similar situation albeit years ago, you can get a lot more for your money that way. That way you could do 10 food parcels for £20 - £30.

There is no shame in that at all. In fact it would help everyone so very much. Of course if you are with means, buy named brands. But again, consider you could feed 3 or 4 times the amount of people with own brands.

Just something to think about. Having been homeless, vulnerable and poverty stricken myself, I would jump at the chance of food, of any sorts. So although we promote and use things as demonstrations, the practicality is name brands are often between 3 to 5 times more, that of an own brand.

The nights are getting colder, the ability to reach people most in need with a larger amount of items, who are starving, vulnerable, in a bad place or worse dying - I personally feel takes precedence over any personal choice people may feel over own brand products

Thank you all so much, every little helps too. Even if it is a pack of noodles it helps, you can get 10 named brand noodles for about a pound, so with some creative thinking like disposable bowls etc they could also be served hot, sterile and would be welcomed.

Kind regards Sam, Comms Secretary, Management Committee


Drop off donations location:

Ground floor 39 Holland street

Aberdeen, AB25 3UJ

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