With empathy, West End FC, showing how it can be done....

Sun 20th Sept we were lucky enough to welcome West End FC, and incredible U19's team to our outreach/rebrand & launch as guests and volunteers for the day. They truly showed the way forward, with sincere, caring chats, looking after those most in need. #homeless #vulnerable #poverty stricken. It was evident they not only cared, but carried empathy for people and struggles any of us can face, leading to ending in a situation we are unable to control.

Life can so easily spiral out of control, so part of what we try to do is balance and counteract the negativity and hardships faced by our attendees by listening. #kindness #befriending #safeoptions

Representing our next generation, we say respectfully, they represented it with dignity, drive and instantly embraced the passion we all having for offering not just emergency provisions, but helping to enable change, when and if an attendee is ready to progress on their journeys.

They listened intently to our secretary ramble on, and on, about his major life changes. Then to the formation of the group with our chairman. Then the team split, some remaining in the table areas chatting and befriending with people attending the other half splitting in two and heading out to travel from the harbour, right through the town centre reaching those most in need.

They were each presented their certificates, along with Scott MacDougall the head coach and Andrea, 'Aberdeen Angels', Muirhead who helped pull this all together. We cannot thank everyone enough for their time and effort they all put in, behind the scenes working tirelessly and those there at the outreach. Our 'dream team' was delighted to be joined by a simply incredible football team, who proved that change starts with you, then it leads to helping other to reach their goals.

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