Xmas & New Year support from local lady Janice, with her donation enabling Greggs gift cards

Janice who has been a long term supporter of Street Friends, was kind enough to support us again this year, with a donation of £1,000. She specified this was to be spent towards getting gift cards for those most in need from Greggs.

This enabled them to each get an emergency gift card with £5 on it, for a hot drink, or a food item, or both. As the card can be used when most needed, it means they can get items one at a time as needed, or of course, spend £5 all at once.

Greggs are ongoing Street Friends benefactors, and have been for many years. They donate fresh food, which cannot be used the next day, to us. We can then issue it the same day, being kept in cool bags. Along with Pret, they are 2 of our most dedicated benefactors, we wish them and all their staff a very happy New Year!

Janice you have directly helped those most in need in the community and a very Happy New Year to you too. Thank you from the team and all those you have helped. Press release details HERE & HERE

Cards were all issued during our Christmas day breakfast awareness & emergency frontline outreach special, as well as on our New Years day frontline outreach lunch special. Thanks Janice for your generosity and empathy for those in need during this time of high stress & risk for those most in need. One of the reasons why so many of our volunteers gave up their holiday time to do the incredible work they did.

Anyone can help. Even if you share our posts and help raise awareness. We are aware just how hard these times are for everyone, fully appreciative of the fact not everyone is in a position to donate. With restrictions in place, we adhere to these fully, as a result was the cessation of all incoming, in person donations. This has led to over 75% of our usual donations stopping. We are utilising our Amazon Wishlist as a safe option, for those wishing to help click - HERE.

Our emergency care packages range between £4 - £20 or more, depending on what is needed, now that it must be purchased. £4 is one emergency food parcel & hot drink. Now that we operate twice a day, 7 days a week street welfare checks/trolley outreach, along with 2 (wed & Sun), full frontline emergency outreach sessions with tables & trolleys we are seeing 3 - 400 attendees weekly. You can imagine the struggle. For those able to spare even just a few pounds to our fundraisers, makes a huge difference, find them HERE & HERE

With Pret currently closed, we are still very grateful to be receiving some Greggs when they can manage. We would love to hear of other local takeaways or businesses, who may wish to support us. Please do get in touch and join our #supportlocal campaign. Contact us via or, text/call 07510059138 or 07787435436

We do receive some help from local supermarkets when they are able, due to the current climate for us all. We are also thankful for Cfine who continue to support us too.

Direct bank transfers are possible too. Thank you all for your continued support, another huge thanks to Janice.

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No donations anywhere else will go to Street Friends, easy access and parking.

During covid19 their are no donations in person, we request using our Amazon Wishlist, GoFundMe fundraisers and Bank Transfers only -  just email  - CITY CENTRE STORAGE

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