Volunteer Pathway

Street Friends Helping the Homeless, Aberdeen

Induction with links for reading and certification


Read handbook, log in and log out, and all information on website loading references/ or a reference and a PVG cert if you have one and a passport style photo for future badges. (current members). all New members will do this as standard induction completed prior to day 1 – they are then trainee volunteers for the month. Help provided should anyone be struggling.

When ready, to confirm this has been done, we ask all volunters to kindly follow the volunteers pathway & Register online


  1. ONGOING please have a look through COVID19, check out risk assessments.

  2. Stigmatic Language – soon as possible = day 1 to week 1

  3. Drug Awareness - soon as possible = day 1 to week 1

  4. Initial Naloxone training online-learning – soon as possible = day 1 to week 1

  5. Basic Befriending/Chatting = Day 1 to week 1

you will have the option to be professionally trained in short 10 mins covid19 approved naloxone traing and be issued with your official naloxone kit sdf/nhs/ada course from our training team

Street Friends helping the homeless, Aberdeen.  We have liaised with leading charities/service/professionals.  As a result we can now offer Naloxone kits with just ten minutes training.  With follow up reading and videos to watch at home.  This is approved by the SDF, NHS, ADA

ADA naloxone trainers Linda & Sam will teach new people up to 5 a week, one at a time, due to Covid19, so a fast 10 minute course of the basics use, when, signs etc. Then we can issue you kits. People are responsible to watch follow up videos and read info found below afterwards to ensure they are confident = within 1st month














Volunteer Pathway and training requirements, you are welcome to do more.

Please note if you are not signing in or our, you will not be illegible for any future promotion. even if the training is completed.

Bronze Tier Volunteers Award

This can be awarded once induction training is completed and volunteer hours have been logged approx. up to 3 months time, depending on feedback and reports


Silver Tier Volunteers Award

Depending on recommendations and hours logged further  to and achieving the following courses they can then look at possible silver between 3- 6 months approx.

  1. Contraception and people using substances

  2. Hepatitis new treatments

  3. Drug use Bacterial Infections

  4. NPS Toolkit

  5. Drug sites monitoring

  6. Basic Frist Aid online course

Gold Tier Volunteers Award


Depending on recommendations and hours logged further and achieving the following courses they can then look at possible achieving gold around 1 year after volunteering


  1. Advanced online first aid course

  2. Asthma awareness

  3. Anaphylaxis awareness

  4. Mental health awareness

  5. Domestic and sexual violence online courses.


We will by then be able to have funding sorted and enable us to professionally offer full First Aid Courses. Looking into discounts and loans for reductions.

Professional PVG’s registered and a lot more – this will encourage funding streams, grants, loans, and further support form then onwards.




Drop off donations location:

Ground floor 39 Holland street

Aberdeen, AB25 3UJ

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